Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Google Borg

Here's a statement made by Sergey Bin as quoted in The Google Story:

"Why not improve the brain? You would want a lot of compute power. Perhaps in the future, we can attach a little version of Google that you just plug into your brain. We'll have to develop stylish versions, but then you'd have all of the world's knowledge immediately available, which is pretty exciting."

This fashionable gear features the same rubustness of Google plus portability via bio-enhanced neuro-conducting tentacles. It's a bit of a snug fit, but once it's on most 'hosts' don't seem to mind the seemingly agonizing pain.


At 2/14/12, 4:36 PM, Blogger Tim said...

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At 2/14/12, 5:15 PM, Blogger Tim said...

how to reach u


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